(1925 - 2001)


After being born in Reims almost in the process of emigration from his parents, by chance in Reims, and high school in Reims and Troyes, then a little the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, the atavistic expansion of this force Nature made him, in the years immediately after the war, one of the colorful characters of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés of existentialism.
Win some subsidies as manager of a theater in the district and assigned the responsibility of the stage curtain, called taps, he earned the nickname decorated with a capital letter, Taps, which became forever his name. Then, unable to escape the fate of the age of reason, in 1953, he married Denise Portefaix, and after a training course at the School of Sheepfold of Rambouillet, they moved into the house Family at the Porters Montchanson, to raise sheep in the deep-Massif Central.

He never resigns to his vocation and fulfillment maintained by regular contact with Paris, it was a long and arduous period they crossed their pastures to a thousand meters, until a serious operation came break his stentorian voice running through the walls. Nothing could initiate or life force, or his love of life and painting. The consecration having confirmed the value of hard work, they could give to the sheep and share their lives between Paris and Montchanson.