Michel Krieger was born in 1944 in Obernai in Alsace. From an early age, he contacts a childhood arthritis. After a very long period of hospitalization, he devoted himself exclusively to painting from 1966.
In early 1972 - 1980 he made his first exhibition at the gallery in Strasbourg "The Ideas and the Arts."
Several professional galleries interested in his painting he exhibited all over Europe and participates in various cultural and artistic events.

In 1989 he was elected member of the Municipal Council of the city of Strasbourg as a qualified personality from civil society, on the list of the Socialist Party led by Catherine Trautmann. As part of his duties, he initiates a new method for the integration of contemporary art in public space, in the tram reintroduction project in the city of Strasbourg.

Re-elected from 1995 to 2001, by a note dated 29 March 1995 addressed to the Mayor of Strasbourg, Michel Krieger, proposes the creation of a large garden on both banks of the Rhine, "The Garden of the two banks "divided between two countries France and Germany, between the towns of Kehl and Strasbourg. With intention to, to emancipate the river from the notion of borders and give back to this area, near the Bridge of Europe and the French and German customs posts, a new identity, linked to the logic of urban development , around the river in both cities.

To guide the programming of Garden Of Both Bank on urban bases, ecological, cultural and symbolic, at his initiative is set up a group of experts urbanist, historian, philosopher, contemporary art specialist ... To begin thinking about the particular context of the place as a frontier territory on the concept of landscape to create and how to incorporate the use of a lifestyle citizen and to define the basis of the specifications given to candidates contest.



- Museum of Modern Art, Strasbourg
- Museum Haus Loewenberg, Gengenbach
- Museum von Nerima, Tokyo
- Mailand and Firenz Culture Centre, Italie
- Goethe Institut, Lille
- French Cultural Institut, Karlsruhe