Roger Pfund was born in 1943. Roger receives his training in graphic art in a workshop in Bern. His master is Kurt Wirth, a man of rigour, 1st lieutenant in the Swiss Army. A great professional in graphic, a man blessed with great talent, who leads Roger on the road to graphic and confirms also his choice for painting.
In 1971, both men unknowingly pay tribute to each other. Roger Pfund presents a project to the Swiss National Bank’s contest for the new banknotes and win the first price.

In 1971 Roger Pfund leaves his first graphic studio in Bern and moves to Geneva, first to Pregny, then to Carouge where he stays till 2007. He settles down in the former tobacco firm Laurens, not the Gitanes he likes with addiction. He has one, two, three, up to twenty persons who work with him and for him. In 2007 he decides to sell the place in Carouge and transfers his Atelier with 12 persons to another former enterprise, the SIP, rue des Vieux Grenadiers.

Under the leadership of the master, the Atelier Roger Pfund Communication visuelle sa, ARP, as everybody calls it, works for towns, prestigious firms such as Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre, for theatres, Opera of Geneva or Am Stram Gram, the theatre for the young generation, for industries like Fiat, for museums, Museum of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent, or CFK, museum of the miniature train. His paintings are being simultaneously exhibited in various parts of the world.